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ID Requirements

Under the Anti-Money Laundering & Counter Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (the Act), VicBet is obligated to collect identification for the purposes of complying with the Act. The Act provides for Australian Government standards of identification for proof of name, date of birth and residential address.

Simply take the original and a legible copy of your identification to a Post Office. An Australian Postal employee will sight your original documents and certify the legible copy. Simply post this copy to,

PO Box 34
Black Rock
VIC 3193

Please note that faxes will not be accepted.

The full requirements of The Act require that customers supply

  1. a certified copy of a Primary Photographic Identification Document (see ii below), or
  2. a certified copy of a Primary Non-Photographic Identification Document AND a certified copy of a Secondary Identification Document (see iii and iv below)

(i) - Certified Copy

A legible copy of an appropriate document can be presented (with the original) to an approved certifier who witnesses the documents and signs the certified copy including the following statement? I certify that this copy is a true copy of the original document that I have sighted. In addition to signing and dating, the certifier must include their full name and capacity of certification. Approved certifiers include -

  • An agent of the Australian Postal Corporation who is in charge of an office supplying postal services to the public
  • A permanent employee of the Australian Postal Corporation with a minimum of two years continuous service employed in an office supplying postal services to the public
  • A police officer
  • A Justice of the Peace
  • An officer with a minimum of two years continuous service with one or more financial institutions (for the purposes of the Statutory Declaration Regulations 1993)
  • A member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, CPA Australia or the National Institute of Accountants with two or more years of continuous membership

(ii) - Primary Photographic Document

  • Current photographic drivers licence (including change of address details if applicable)
  • Passport
  • Current photographic ID card from a government agency including residential address or date of birth
  • A national identity card containing a photo and signature, issued in English

(iii) - Primary Non-Photographic Document

  • Birth Certificate
  • Australian Citizenship Certificate
  • Citizen Certificate issued by a foreign government, issued in English

(iv) - Secondary Identification Document

  • Notice issued within the last 12 months showing a financial relationship with a federal or state government (eg ATO, Medicare or Family Tax Benefit)
  • Notice issued within the last three months showing the provision of services by a local government body or utility provider (eg rates, gas, water, electricity or mobile phone bill)