Est. 1992
Frequently Asked Questions
Please see below for answers to some common questions at VicBet
Who are we? is the online Bookmaking business of Melbourne-based Bookmaker Rod Cleary. We are a Bookmaking Family spanning four generations since the 1940's in Victoria. The License is regulated by Racing Victoria Limited (RVL) and is registered by the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC) . We are subject to the stringent Victorian rules and regulations for Internet betting. We strongly encourage responsible gambling. We are guaranteed by the Victorian Bookmaker's Association (VBA)
How do the VRewards work?
The VRewards is a VicBet Client Loyalty program in which all Clients are eligible to participate (except MBL Clients). VicBet Clients will accrue VRewards points based on the activity in their account and also any deposits that are made. It is one VRewards point for every $5 that is wagered. 100 VRewards points give you a $1 Bonus Bet. 50,000 VRewards points gives you a $500 Bonus Bet. Your VRewards balance will be shown in the My Account section and once you have redeemed your VRewards Bonus Bet, you will have 30 days to place the wager.
How does the VBoost work?
VicBet's VBoost allows Clients to receive enhanced or increased odds on their fixed or tote WIN wager. The VBoost cannot be used on a multi- There is an increase of up to 15% for the Fixed odds on offer, and Best Tote wagers can also be increased by up to 15% with the VBoost. The limit is $1k per VBoost wager and, as an example, a VBoost wager at $14 will increase to about $16.
Is there a Mobile App?
VicBet does have a Mobile Application that works perfectly on any Mobile Device. It is not in the App Store yet, but it will be soon. Simply go to
How does BOB work?
VicBet, as an Online Bookmaker on Horse Racing along with Trots and Dogs is the only operator doing BOB on every Australian Mainland Venue (except Tasmania-the Odds are not calculated correctly). For those that are unsure, the BOB stands for Best of the Best, or the Best of Top Fluctuation (TF) and the Best Tote (BT). Now there is no need to decide should you go TF or BT with your wager. You get the Best of Both. As a 'Rule of Thumb', the BOB limits are to win $6k on the Non-Metros, $15k on the Metro Meetings, and $20k on the Group One Races. The BOB is available until 15 mins before the commencment of the race (provided your pick has not been shortened). It will appear on the far right column.
What do I do if I make a mistake with a bet?
VicBet will fix it straight away for you as long as the race is not over. Call us on 03-92140011, Rod's Mobile 0412-126126, or use the LIVE CHAT and we will fix it right away for you.
Where are we?
VicBet is located in modern offices in the Melbourne Bayside suburb of Black Rock in the State of Victoria, Australia.
Can I have a Head to Head (H2H) Bet?
VicBet does offer this unique type of Betting, but it is in two groups of three. You simply pick against the other, and you might finish seventh and they finish ninth and tenth, you WIN. Any Clients that would like to see a specific H2H event in a group of three, please let us know and will put online for you. This is unique to VICBET. To request your own H2H outcome, jump on the VICBET Live Chat.
I am trying to find the Head to Head (H2H) Betting, where is it?
VicBet has it located at the base of the Race Page below all the Odds of the horses with the Odds v Evens Betting and the Fav v Field Betting. 
Can I have a Double or a Multi Bet?
VicBet does have Multis and Doubles. In fact, you can have up 10 selections in your Multi Bet. Simply click on your selections in different races on any day and then the Multi option will appear in the Betting Slip. This can be over the same or different venues and can be TF, BT or Fixed or a combination of any of these. Basically, any race that is available online can be put into a Multi Bet. Please keep in mind that Multis, including the Feature Races, are not permitted. Also the BOB is not available in Multi bet types.
How are the deductions calculated and where are they derived from?
VicBet uses the Racing Victoria (RV) Official Price Administration website portal for all deductions. These are very clear and concise. If any Clients are unsure and would like a screen snap of a particular race, text Rod (0412-126126) or Tim Cleary (0433-339347) on their Mobiles and they will text you the Official Screen Snap of the race in question.
If I have a Pre-Post Bet for example a few days before the race, where are the deductions derived from?
VicBet uses the following schedule of deductions for all Pre-Post bets. These are listed on the Bet Screen page in Red with the time of the deduction. We have the Pre-post betting online as soon as possible for every race everywhere
If I want to have a Features bet and my selection is not listed what can I do?
VicBet can offer you odds on any runner for any Feature Race. If it is not listed, simply text Tim Cleary (0433-339347), jump on the 24/7 Vicbet Live Chat or alternatively email [email protected]
Having trouble logging into or registering?
If you are having trouble logging into your VICBET account, then jump on the VICBET Live Chat and we will EMail or Text your login details to you. You can also try one of the following things:
Clearing your Browser Cache. In Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can do this via the Tools > Internet Options > General Tab, and then Click the Delete Browsing History. You can also try CTRL-F5 to force a hard refresh to ensure that you are not looking at old cached pages on your computer
In Firefox, you can simply click together CTRL-SHIFT-DEL and that will clear your Internet Browsing Cache
If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer and still experience problems after trying the above, you can try installing Mozilla Firefox as an alternative browser. You can download and install Mozilla Firefox by clicking here. (opens in new window)
VicBet site has been tested on IE 7+, Firefox 3+, IE 8 (native and compatibility mode)
How do I place a wager?
Betting with VicBet is an extremely uncomplicated process. Once you have joined and deposited funds, you can start betting straight away. With VICBET.COM, we operate seven days a week and through to about 4:30am each night. You can place your wagers on the internet on our Main Site or on our Mobile Site (, which is perfect on your phone, telephone or On Course.
Simply logon with your username and password and click the boxes with your selections, add in the stake of your wager. 
Finally, two last steps: confirm and OK you will see the amount of your wager or wagers in the pending box where you login. The On-Course phone number to get in touch with us is 03-92140011; FREECALL 1300-126126, which is 24/7; or the VICBET Live Chat. 
How do I open an account?
To open a VicBet account online, click the 'Join Vicbet' button on the left side of the menu items and fill in all the details required by the online form. To open an account now, click here. After all fields have been completed, click submit, and then you will receive an email confirming your account has been opened successfully. You will be able to deposit funds and begin using your account. Please note you must be aged 18 years of age or older. Any questions, concerns or assistance needed in opening your account call Free Call 1300 126126 (24/7) or jump on the 24/7 Vicbet Live Chat.
When I open an account, are there any credit card fees or administration fees?
There are NO credit card fees applicable to your VICBET.COM wagering account and there is NO administration fees charged. However, if a client deposits money through a credit card and puts a withdrawal request in without any activity on the account, then on advice to the client, we reserve the right to charge a 0.63% administration fee, which is in essence what the Bank charges us.
What events do we bet on?
At present, VicBet is betting on all available Meetings SEVEN days a week. VICBET.COM now accepts bets on all races throughout Australia wide and Internationally, including New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and others. Each Saturday, this is about 30-35 Horse Racing venues as well as all available Dog and Trot Meetings.
VicBet has a 1c minimum stake on the internet for Win, Each Way, and Place bets. There is also Flexi betting options with the derivative bet types. Clients can take advantage of various fixed price options such as Top Fluctuation on all Australian Venues, Best Tote for the Win with an SP Guarantee (MT the Place). Betting options available are Win, Place, and Each Way wagering. Refer to Bet Types for more information along with all the Derivative bet types including Quinellas, Exactas, Trifectas, First Four's and Quadrellas. 
What identification needs to be provided?
The best and easiest way to get verified is to do it Online. Once you login, simply go to Account and then 'Verify Account'. You will be prompted to verify and then simply follow the prompts. Note: this is available online within three days of making an account. After this time, you will need to submit your ID on the VICBET Live Chat or by emailing to [email protected]  In regards to overseas clients opening accounts with VICBET.COM, we only do business with Australian and New Zealand residents, and a few other select juristinctions. If using a credit or debit card, we must receive a copy of the front and back of the card that is used.  
The easiest way to get the ID to VICBET.COM is to send a copy of the credit card, front and back, along with a passport and driver's license. If you have any queries about what ID is required, please jump on the VICBET Live Chat. 
The Board of Racing Victoria Limited (RVL) and the Minister for Racing have approved rules relating to the identification of all clients. VICBET. COM is committed to reducing fraud and, in accordance with License Rule 14A.2(c) every new Australian client must provide identification within 3 days of opening the account. If a client does not verify his or her identity within 3 days of opening the account, we will be required to place the account on hold until the ID is received and report this matter to the RVL Betting Supervisor
How long has VicBet been operating?
Since 1992, we have been continuously operating as a Licensed Victorian Bookmaker on Horse Races. Our internet operation began in February 2005. We registered the name in 1999. We are the ONLY Victorian Bookmaker who has an On Course presence, does Phone Betting and does Internet Betting EVERY day of the year except Christmas Day.
Is there a minimum deposit?
There is no minimum deposit and becoming a VICBET.COM member is totally free. If making a credit or debit card deposit online, there is a $5 minimum if you are doing it. If you would like to deposit less,then we can do it for you. POLi Payments has no minimum
What should I do if I want to make a complaint about VicBet?
If you have a complaint, we always want you to let us know so we can hopefully rectify it to your satisfaction. Nearly 100% of disputes are settled amicably between VicBet and our clients. If you have anything that you are not happy with in regards to your betting activity, then email us at [email protected] explaining the details of the dispute or telephone our office FREECALL 1300 126126 (24/7). As per the rules, we will respond as soon as possible to you. 
Alternatively you can email the Internet Betting Authorities at RVL at [email protected]
How do I apply for an Online betting account?
To open your account, click on the Join Vicbet icon on the home page. You must be over 18 years of age to open an account. There are three stages, namely: personal information, account information, and finally the review and confirm part. It is best to then do your 100 points of ID online then, so you are ready to go. If you have any questions, please jump on our 24/7 Live Chat and we will assist you with your queries.
What is the Minimum Bet Liability Limit (MBL) for Online wagers and can Accounts be Closed?
The Minimum Bet Limits (MBL) are State-Based rather than a Universal National Amount. All online operators like us are required to sign agreements with the different States' racing authorities. As part of these agreements, we cannot close accounts and we must abide by the MBL that have been implemented. The MBL applies to Fixed Odds bets only, so it does not include Top Fluc, Best Tote, BOB, Multis, Overseas bets or the Derivative type bets (Quinella, Exacta, and Trifectas). In summary, these are the MBLs (Horse Racing) for each State: VIC - To WIN $2000 (Place $800) in Metro races and $1000 (Place $400) on Provincial Meetings......NSW -To WIN $2000 (Place $800) in Metro races and $1000 (Place $400) on Provincial Meetings....QLD- To WIN $1000 (Place $400) on all QLD Racing......SA- To WIN $1000 (Place $400) in all SA Racing......WA-To WIN $1000 (Place $400) in Metro Races and $500 on all other WA Racing.... TAS - To WIN $1k (Place $400) in all TAS Racing......NT-NO Limit as MBL has not been implemented. For more information about the MBL, Click Here:
What is the Minimum Bet?
VicBet will accept bets from a minimum of 1c would you believe on the internet on your selection. The increments are also 1c, so you can have like $4.67 or $145.96 on your selection. If you would like to ring the on course telephones, Kev will assist you, and we have five lines in rotary (03-92140011). We ask that you have a minimum $10 wager as the phones can get very busy, particular prior to a race jumping and Spring Carnival Race Time.
Does VicBet bet on Feature Races?
Yes we do. Simply click on the Feature Races Tab on the left side for all the up to markets for all the Feature Races. If there is a selection that is not shown in our market jump on the Vicbet Live Chat and we will get a price for you.
Does VicBet bet on Sports?
VicBet specialises in betting on all Australian horse races, trots, and dogs seven days a week, as well as all the available overseas venues including New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, South Africa, Korea, USA, all Eurpean Race Meetings and Dubai. We do not conduct any Sports Betting.
How secure are my personal details?
In order to provide protection of all personal information, the contents of the registration form and all other confidential client information transmitted through the Internet are protected by state-of-the-art encryption technology.
What do I do if I feel I have a gambling problem?
VICBET.COM strongly supports responsible gambling and encourages those who believe they have a gambling problem to contact the free call 24/7 Gambler's Helpline on 1800 858858, the Gambler's Help Youthline on 1800262376 or Gambling Help Online Counselling and Support Service. For further information regarding responsible gambling, this is available through the Gambler's Help website - At VICBET.COM, we want to assist you in any way possible, particularly if there are Problem Gambling issues. We strongly encourage you to permanently self-exclude from VICBET and all your Online accounts. The Self-Exclusion option is under the Responsible Gambling Tab down the left side. Please let us know and we can do it for you or it can be done by yourself. Once this Permanent Self-Exclude option is submitted to us by you, this will prevent you from accessing the VICBET. COM Internet Betting system at any time in the future.
Can I set a Pre-Commit Limit on my Account?
Yes you can. It is done on a daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, and it starts when you decide the amount you would like to commit to under the Responsible Gambling Tab on the left side. The week commences when you confirm by pressing the Set Pre Commit Limit. As an example, you might say I want to have $2,000 as my weekly Pre-Commit amount. It does not include withdrawals, only deposits. Also as another example you say $2,000 Pre-Commit on Monday, deposit $1,000 that day, you have $1,000 left available to be deposited for the week. You deposit $1,000 on the Saturday, come to the Monday when it resets only $1,000 can be deposited as you would need to wait till the following Saturday for the other $1,000 to be available, it is a rolling weekly deposit limit, for more clarification call Rod on his Mobile - 0412-126126
Can I reverse my Permanent Self Exclusion?
No you cannot. Once there is a Permanent Self-Exclusion with regards to your VICBET account, it can never be reversed and the account can never be reopened. 
Can I have a Bet on Credit with Vicbet?
Credit on the Internet was phased out across Australia in February 2018, and credit over the phone was phased out in Victoria in July 2019.
Can someone else have bets on my VICBET Account?
We do NOT allow for another individual to have access to your Account or any Secure Member Details (including any family member, business or corporate entity or any other person whatsoever). The account is to be used solely for the individual in the name the account was established. A VICBET account holder remains solely responsible for their account, including but not limited to transactions, bets and Account changes. VICBET reserves the right to close an account if we discover an account is been operated by another person that is not the account holder. Once this is discovered, we will never re-open the Fraudulently operated account under any circumstances. We will also report this to the Integrity Unit at Racing Victoria Limited (RVL)
What is the Maximum number of bets I can have at once?
The maximum number of bets that can be done at once is twenty. If there is an attempt to have more than twenty then an error message will appear.
Why is the Colour Green considered unlucky at the Racetrack or Bad Luck if wearing it when Punting?
The Colour GREEN becoming unlucky originated in England when Royal Ascot commenced in 1711 after it was founded by Queen Anne. According to History, there were some strange deaths at this time, and these related to people wearing the colour green, and they all had a strong connection to the Racetrack. Enough said. I think, on that note, it is best to avoid wearing green at all times you step foot onto the racetrack, whether a Bookie or a Punter. We all need as much luck as we can get these days. GOOD LUCK to ALL and remember never wear GREEN when Punting.
Victorian Bookmakers' Association guarantee 
As a condition of membership of the VBA, we are required to inform you that VICBET.COM's wagering activities are formally guaranteed by the VBA, pursuant to the Racing Act 1958 (as amended, Victoria). The Racing Act may be viewed on
Section 94A of the Racing Act 1958 outlines the consumer protections afforded to customers in the event of a wagering default. Specifically, the VBA guarantee extends to the following:
in respect of a cash or account funded wagering transaction (oncourse cash bet or internet-based bet from an encashed account), consumer protection extends for a period of 60 days from the date of the wagering transaction; and
In respect of a credit wagering transaction (on-course credit bet, telephone-based credit bet), consumer protection extends for a period 21 days from the date of the wagering transaction.
Please note that the VBA guarantee extends to wagering transactions only. The guarantee does not extend to:
Cash deposited by you into a bank account held with a VBA member; or
cash winnings derived from any wagering transaction left in your account (which are no longer eligible for guarantee).
Click here for additional information:
Legitimate wagering default claims must be made in writing and received by the VBA (email or post) strictly within the eligible time periods indicated above. Such claims must provide details of the wagering transaction/s in question and other relevant details and can be sent to the below:
Victorian Bookmakers'' Association Limited Executive and Operations Officer 400 Epsom Rd FLEMINGTON VIC 3031 Email: [email protected]



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