How to Bet

1. The Basics

  1. All prices on the VicBet website are displayed as decimal odds. This basically means that the quoted dividend includes your stake. So, if you have a successful $100 bet on a runner at $5.00, your payout will be $500 but this is comprised of your initial stake of $100 and $400 in winnings.
  2. Merely submitting a bet does not necessarily mean that the bet has been successfully placed. Each bet request is reviewed by the team at VicBet. Bet requests may be dealt with in any of the following ways:
    1. ACCEPTED:   Your bet has been accepted without amendment.
    2. PARTIALLY ACCEPTED:   A portion of your requested bet has been accepted, while the remainder has been rejected. Details of the amount of the bet that has been accepted will be displayed on the Bet Status Alert and in your Transaction History. (Please Note: At VicBet, we always abide by the Minimum Bet Limit rules applicable to the relevant event. For detail on Minimum Bet Limits, please refer to our Wagering Rules
    3. REJECTED:   Your bet has been wholly rejected. There are a variety of reasons why we may reject a bet including that the race has jumped or that the price has changed.
  3. We endeavour to keep the race open right up until the jump (including if the race start is delayed) but please always try to bet early to avoid the disappointment of having your bet rejected or blocked.
  4. Please Note: There are occasions where online betting on a race is not suspended after the race has commenced and/or concluded. VicBet does not offer betting in-the-run. Any bets successfully placed after the race has been commenced will be voided.
  5. If you ever have any problems getting your bets on with VicBet, please don't hesitate to Contact Us


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